Why We Coffee

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Coffee has an undeniably rich heritage in American History. Since Anti-federalists dumped tea into the Boston harbor and cowboys hand ground beans on the trail, coffee has played a big role in the daily American routine.

Coffee is as relevant to the Armani wearing CEO of a massive corporation as it is to fixed gear bike-riding hipsters. Your grandma drinks it, hobos drink it, jack-Mormons drink it, the cast of Friends never stopped drinking it, Samuel L. Jackson drinks it and you most certainly drink it. It is a tradition, an addiction and an American passion. Even with so rich a heritage, we at Augie’s Coffeehouse believe that the American Coffee journey is just beginning.

Traditionally, American coffee has been darkly roasted, pre-ground and served weeks to months after it has been roasted. Cheaper beans (including the dreaded Robusta) have been mixed in with more flavorful Arabica beans, and then darkly roasted to mask bitter or undesirable flavors.

In more recent history however, better American Coffee roasters have sought to stray from the over-roasted, less complex coffees and have begun to treat the drink with the same attention and delicacy as vineyard owners treat their grapevines with.

We at Augie’s are diving headlong into the ever-expanding, joyful ocean of specialty coffee. We’ve been learning and perfecting brewing and roasting techniques while befriending some of the greatest coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Roasting all of our own beans has brought us into new spheres of knowledge and joy as we engage importers and farmers, explore the world of green coffee and find out which coffees taste best at which roasting temps and times. We as a staff and as general explorers have been delighted to discover that the coffee industry is one full of friendly people willing to share secrets and desiring to expand knowledge and excitement anywhere. We have discussed and shared beans and experiences with roasters and baristas from across the states, met award-winning farmers who share especially outstanding coffees, and we have had jittery and excited conversations with all of them.

This blog is here to draw you into that over-caffeinated conversation, to get you excited about the lovely process that brings coffee to your table and belly and to help you grow in your love for our favorite drink.