Why We Don’t Brew Decaf

Posted by Austin Amento on

We at Augie’s have decided to stop brewing pots of decaf. Don’t be mistaken though; we’re doing this because we really love our decaf drinkers. Because of this love we stopped brewing decaf and started making each cup fresh per order in the form of an Americano.

Traditionally decaf is brewed in the same way as the fully leaded stuff, in large quantities and placed in air-pots and left on the counter awaiting order. However, much less decaf is purchased than it’s addictive counterpart, therefore much of the decaf that is consumed around our great country is stale, cold, and hours old. Augie’s prides itself in quality and freshness, and this includes our production of decaf.

Decaf Americanos (Americanos being the Italian method of making American style coffee) provide the best option in creating fresh, great-tasting decaf coffee.  Choosing the Americano as our decaf preparation method allows our workers to quickly prepare a great tasting alternative to brewed decaf coffee for customers. The flavor profile is nearly identical and we are sure you will love them.

Robert Wesley Pearson