Why We Single Origin

Posted by Austin Amento on

 To answer this question it is best to talk what is espresso to us. To us it is an excellent brew method in which we can create drink after drink with incredible consistency and speed. We currently offer a two bean blend consisting of 50% El Salvador La Manzano and 50 % Guatemala I’xil A’chimbal. We find this blend creates a rich mouth feel with an enticing chocolaty body and beautiful rust colored crèma. This blend helps us create a quality experience when you come in contact with our espresso, it covers both the high sweetness and the low body all in one, in our minds it's a step towards perfection.

  The desire and goal with our single origin espresso offerings is to help you the customer understands what truly is espresso and how it can manipulate the bean chosen to create a unique experience. We are going to start offering an option for single origin espressos (opposed to a blend) in addition to our decaf and seasonal blend. This will allow the customer a chance to spend an extra  $.50 to get a truly unique espresso experience. The single origin will guarantee a flavor unlike anything espresso has given you before, no longer our we shopping for a balanced coffee we are going to shoot for the stars in an effort to blow your mind with a sweet acidity or deep dark chocolate notes. In an effort to preserve the quality of the single origins we will be limiting which drinks we allow the shots to be served in. The drinks which we allow our single origin espresso to be served in our the following, Doppio, Competition Cappuccino (5oz), small Americano and a macchiato. This will ensure the quality of all of our single origin espresso will not be altered in larger beverages where the espresso flavor is lost in too much milk. I hope all our espresso drinkers will take the dive with us in an effort to peruse the finest coffees in the world and help us break down the barriers of specialty coffee. 

Thanks so much and enjoy a double shot today!