Honduras Florentino

Posted by Austin Amento on

Honduras has slowly been establishing itself in the greater specialty-coffee world. Like many other Central American coffees, Florentino features less acidity and a greater balance in caramel-like sweetness and milk-chocolate body. A distinct citric tang of orange resonates on the palate and a clean finish highlights the washed-processed characteristics within the cup. Located within the Santa Ana municipality of La Paz, Honduras,  producer Florentino Mendoza cultivates Catuai, a hybrid of Bourbon and Typica varietals. This coffee is labelled SHG, or Strictly High Grown, meaning the coffee is grown at a proper elevation, (which in the case of Florentino happens to be 1540masl) meaning  cherries slowly develop, presenting a coffee which a much higher level of complexity. Luckily for future Honduran coffees, the proper growing regions are plentiful and the land prices are some of the cheapest in Central America. But with shaky infrastructure backing its coffee boom as the world's third largest coffee producer, Honduras could also swing towards a direction of lower quality standards. But the country itself is hoping to maintain competition with other speciality coffee growing countries such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, which have long endured traditions of excellent coffee.

Florentino is featured for its unique, silky body, comparable to Swiss chocolate and its marked presence of blackberry aromatics.