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Hacienda Sonora is located within the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica, and sits at the foot of the Volcán Poás, an active stratovolcano. Since 1828, the volcano has erupted 39 times, and with each eruption comes a source of replenishment for the soil. Lava, tephra, and pumice help enrich the soil's composition through a process known as "chemical weathering". In this process, gases in the atmosphere react with sunlight and soil in order to create soluble molecules, which plants can then use as nutrients. Volcanic rock is rich in common elements, allows the soil to retain water longer, and insulates plants against temperature fluctuations. 

    The 247-acre farm sits at 1,200 meters above sea level, and supports an ecologically diverse environment. Nearly eighty acres of property is devoted to wild forest reserve, with an additional fifty acres applied to sugarcane production. Together, the forest and sugarcane help attract exotic wildlife, adding to the rich biodiversity of Hacienda Sonora.

    Due to natural-processing, Cerro Paldo delivers some of the best coffee from Costa Rica's renowned Terrazu region. By undergoing this procedure, producers can create some distinct tones and flavors within the coffee's profile. Unlike washed coffees, which often have more conspicuous flavors, naturally processed coffees tend to have a more ambiguous character, open to interpretation. Often, they suggest more complexity in aroma and taste. What's surprising about Cerro Paldo, though, is how remarkably clean it is. The flavor of lime is upfront and supported by a rich, full body. Notes of berries and semisweet chocolate are present throughout, leading into an impeccably clean finish.

-Robert Rybak

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  • Nice information. I am also a coffee lover. I come from where high quality coffee is grown.I am referring to northern part of Nicaragua: Matagalpa,Esteli, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia. Have you ever tried going into these places to get coffee? You should. We’ll drink and buy your coffee, at the same time, you will help our people.

    Have a good day! Your have a great coffee.

    Hector Talavera

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