Who We Are

Most succinctly we are about coffee. Finding it, roasting it, serving it, drinking it. We are about our customers. Giving them what they want, the best way we know how.

Everything we do is done in the name of quality — from the raw coffee we source, sample, and roast to the various methods we use to highlight flavors, aromas, and textures in our drinks. We maintain incredibly strict freshness policies, in green purchasing and delivery of fresh roasted coffee to our customers and shops. We are not afraid to change, try new things, or push the boundaries of specialty coffee. We believe in transparency and our baristas are prepared to share our philosophy about everything from origins to best brew methods. We take coffee seriously, and we hope that it shows.

Why We Do It

Because coffee is awesome and coffee people are even cooler. From giving back within our community, to supporting quality driven producers. We want to do good while doing good business.

We are here to find and feature incredible coffee and drinks. To bring great coffee and atmosphere to Southern California. We do it for you.

Origin Relationships

Farmers are the backbone of not only what we do at Augie’s, but the coffee industry as a whole; they’re essential to our goal of serving and drinking delicious coffee. For us, nothing is quite the same as meeting a man or woman who grows coffee, and realizing that they do it so well that we can buy it for a premium and share it with you guys. Many of the farmers we buy coffee from are friends of ours; we follow them on Instagram, visit them at their homes.. When we’re not able to meet the farmer ourselves, we make it a point to work with importers that we believe have similar goals of improving the lives of everyone involved in the chain of making delicious coffee.

Customers, Baristas, Community

We love our customers. We really love our staff. Our staff loves our customers. Customers love our staff. It’s like, a whole thing. We’re in a relationship, it’s complicated.

Community is what makes this whole thing go. We do our best to support local organizations and nonprofits. Donations, raffle items, etc. We strive to work with local business. Use their products, supply them with ours. Breweries, a la minute, Parliament Chocolate, local produce suppliers, and even spas. We hope to help weave a web of quality and caring within all the communities we operate in.