What do you want? You want coffee for your home? Cool, we got you. What’s that? Oh? You want coffee for home, but also you want it to show up periodically at your doorstep without any effort of your own? A’ight, we can do that! Oh, I’m sorry you weren’t done.. Okay? So you want periodic deliveries, but also you want someone curating a variety of coffees (so you can taste the coffee-rainbow), and sometimes you want coffee that wouldn’t otherwise be available on Augies webstore? Hmm, yeah, noyeah, that actually sounds real cool. Easy peasy, so let’s go over this together: We’ll send you a 12oz bag of coffee as often as you ask us to, and we’ll keep a personal log of your deliveries so that we can break up the monotony of morning routines with some variety in your cup. This is exciting.

One bag total will be sent with each shipment.

Your credit card will be billed each shipment. Price includes USPS Flat Rate Shipping for each installment. Subscriptions begin the next roast day (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) after they are received.